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BARE partners with leading organizations and experts in the Biliary Atresia community to advance research initiatives.

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Ensure Your Child Is Up-To-Date

on Vaccines Before Transplant!

Conducted By: University of Colorado and the Agency for

Healthcare Research and Quality
Lead Researcher: Dr. Amy Feldman
Study ID: COMIRB #20-0527
Last Updated: Version 2.3.2023

Why This Study Matters:

  • Only about 1 in 5 kids are fully vaccinated when they get a transplant.

  • 1 in 6 kids who have had a transplant ends up in the hospital later due to infections that could have been prevented by vaccines.

  • Phone apps can help remind you when it's time for the next vaccine.

Inclusion Criteria:

Your child is awaiting heart, liver, or kidney transplant



Duration of the study: 

You would participate from enrollment through your child’s transplant

Primary Investigator:  Amy Feldman, MD MSCS

Version 2.3.2023

Research Purpose: 

The goal of this research is to trial a mobile health tool (a phone app) to help increase immunization rates in the pre-transplant period

What Will You Need to Do?

  • Take a short online survey about your views on vaccines before the transplant.

  • Download our app, "Immunize PediatricTransplant," and use it as you find helpful.

  • After the transplant, fill out another short survey about your experience using the app.

Exclusion Criteria: 

You don’t have access to an I-phone or Android phone

If you'd like to participate or learn more, please contact Dr. Amy Feldman at or visit their website.

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EMBARK Clinical Trial

Join the EMBARK Clinical Trial

for Biliary Atresia: All About LIVMARLI


Conducted By: Mirum Pharma
Study Phase: Phase 2b

Want to Learn More?
For detailed information about this clinical trial, you can visit Mirum Pharma's website.

Interested in joining or have questions? Please reach out to Mirum Pharma for more details.

​What is LIVMARLI (Maralixibat)?

LIVMARLI is a medication being tested for kids with biliary atresia. It works by targeting a specific part of your body called the ileal bile acid transporter (IBAT). By doing so, it helps reduce harmful bile acids in the liver and blood. These acids are then safely removed from the body through waste.

Why is This Study Important?
This research aims to find out how effective and safe LIVMARLI is for children with biliary atresia.

Your participation could help us better understand treatment options for this condition.



BOLD clinical trial

Join the BOLD Clinical Trial for

Biliary Atresia: Learn About Odevixibat


Conducted By: Albireo Pharma
Study Phase: Phase 3

Study ID: NCT04336722

Want to Learn More?
For more details about this clinical trial, you can visit the NIH Clinical Trial Website.

Interested in participating or have questions? Reach out to their research team.

Contact Details: Phone: +1 (857) 378-2035 


What is Odevixibat?

Odevixibat is a medication specifically designed for babies with biliary atresia who have had a Kasai procedure. It works by targeting a part of the body that helps control bile acids. The medication is easy to administer—it's a once-daily oral dose that can be mixed into breast milk, formula, or certain soft foods.

Why is This Study Important?
This is the first Phase 3 study to look at how safe and effective Odevixibat is for babies with biliary atresia. Your participation could help us better understand how to treat this condition more effectively.

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