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BARE Connection Network

Your voice has been the guiding star in our quest to create a network that resonates with the needs of the Biliary Atresia community. The BARE Connection Network (BCN) is a testament to our collective resolve, born from the heartfelt desire to forge deeper connections among BA families.

The BCN is not just a network; it's a sanctuary where experiences are shared, understanding is deepened, and lifelong bonds are formed. It's a space where the collective journey of BA families transforms into a shared narrative of courage, support, and hope.

Discover the pathways to becoming a part of the BCN today. Below, you'll find the steps to navigate this network, designed to bring us closer in spirit and purpose. Join us, and let's strengthen the ties that bind our community together.


Learn how to navigate and join the BCN below! 


What is the BARE Connection Network (BCN)?

The BCN is your gateway to a nationwide community of Biliary Atresia patients and families, offering a seamless and enriching experience of connection.

BARE is dedicated to creating opportunities for genuine connections. We've designed the BCN with the vision of making every interaction valuable and supportive. By allowing members to explore detailed profiles, our network ensures that you can connect with others who not only share similar experiences but also have insights and support that are most relevant to your needs.

Embrace the opportunity to weave your own story into this collective journey, finding and offering support, and building relationships that go beyond the ordinary. With BARE, you're not just reaching out—you're finding your community.

Navigating the BCN is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Would you like to join as a BARE BCN Family? 

Complete the application and a member of the BARE team will contact you. 

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