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Holiday gifts such as toys, clothing and special needs items can cause extra strain on family budgets this time of year. During the months of November and December, the Lend A Hand: Adopt A Biliary Atresia Family Program will provide gifts to Biliary Atresia families around the United States.  Through our program, gift givers may select a family in need to "adopt" during the most magical time of the year.


How the program works:

  • Once families are selected to be a part of the Lend A Hand Adoption Program (applications accepted between now and Nov. 21, 2022, see below for application requirements), BARE will work with the family to determine appropriate gifts for their family based on ages, interests and needs of the family members.


  • To give, anyone can select a family that best matches how they want to give (i.e., a family may list a toy for a four year old, a gift for a teenager and a grocery store gift card for the family).

  • The gift giver completes the simple form to adopt the family (see below instructions for gift givers) and donates the appropriate amount to BARE. The giver may include messages to the family that will be presented along with their gifts.

  • Once a family reaches donations of $250, that family is removed from the list and BARE purchases and ships the gifts to the family.

  • Your gift amount is a tax deductible donation to BARE.

For Families In Need Of Gift Adoption:

 ****The application window for families to be considered for the 2022 Lend A Hand Program has closed****​​

Gift Givers Interested in Adopting A Family: 

  • As applications are submitted, participating families will be listed below. Information will include ages and interests.

  • **All information is anonymous**


  • When the gift giver finds a family they would like to adopt, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "donate"


  • IMPORTANT: Please indicate on the donation form which family you would like to adopt (i.e. - Family A, Family B, etc...) We will then purchase the appropriate gifts and send those to the family.


  • Any gift giver can include a personal note to the family on their donation form. 

  • For an additional $10, we can also include wrapping supplies for the family to add to the magic of the season.

  • $250 adopts an entire family. This includes all listed items as well as gift cards to grocery or retail stores. 


  • Any donation to this program allows the giver to choose the recipient family. When donating any amount, please indicate which family you would like to adopt. You can do this by filling in the "Dedicate Your Gift" section.  All funds received for this program will go toward purchasing items for the participating families. Funds must be made directly to the Lend A Hand Program. Facebook or other fundraisers outside the program will not apply.

See Below For Current List Of Available Families 



Family 1 - Family 1 has been adopted!  

Family 2 - Family 2 has been adopted! 

Family 3 - Family 3 has been adopted!

Family 4 - Family 4 has been adopted! 

Family 5 - Family 5 has been adopted!

Family 6 - Family 6 has been adopted!

Family 7 Family 7 has been adopted!

Family 8 - Family 8 has been adopted!

Family 9 Family 9 has been adopted!

Family 10 - Family 10 has been adopted!

Family 11 - Family 11 has been adopted!

Family 15- Family 15 has been adopted!

Family 18 - Family 18 has been adopted!

Family 12

About the Family: I am a single mother of four, I have a two month old child that has been diagnosed with biliary atresia who will need a liver transplant in the next few months. Her diagnoses has put a strain on the family. Any help or support given would truly be a blessing to my family and very much appreciated in our time of need. I am very thankful for this program.

Child 1: 

Age: 2 Months

Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 0-3M, 0-3M, N/A

Gift wishlist: Baby swing, Fisher Price Plush Baby Toy, Musical Toy

Child 2: 

Age: 2

Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 3T, 3T, 

Gift wishlist: Learning Toys, V Tech Magnetic Drawing Board, LeapFrog Leaptop

Child 3: 

Age: 12

Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: L, 16, 8-8.5

Gift wishlist: Beaded bracelet/charm bracelet, Vans Shoes 8.5, wide converse, perfumes

Child 4: 

Age: 16

Gender: M

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: M, 33/34, 11

Gift wishlist: Bike, Modern Warfare 2 Game, Wrestling equipment (such as gloves or goggles)

Family 13

About the Family: Our child has been battling BA since birth. Our family is experiencing a loss of income at this time. This would be a great blessing for all of us, especially at this time of year

Child 1: 

Age: 3

Gender: M

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 3T, 3T, 10

Gift wishlist: Paw Patrol Toys, Race Track w/cars, Tricycle

Child 2: 

Age: 5

Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 6, 6, 1Y

Gift wishlist: Barbies, LOL Dolls, Play makeup

Child 3: 

Age: 18

Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: xs, xs, 8.5

Gift wishlist: self care products, gift cards

Family 14

About the Family: Currently inpatient and being listed for transplant. Just need a little help getting by this year. Our Christmas wish is a healthy
“perfect” liver for our baby and time with family. Currently not working, and trying to  make ends meet otherwise! Happy for any help this year for our kiddos. They have made so many sacrifices in the last few months.

Child 1: 

Age: 4.5 Months

Gender: M

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 9M, 9M, N/A

Gift wishlist: Winter hat, socks, moccasins, baby einstein sea dreamer, Teething Necklace for nursing

Child 2: 

Age: 10

Gender: M

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 16, 16, 8M

Gift wishlist: PS4 games, Socks, Winter hat, gloves(medium), Winter coat, Navy

Child 3: 

Age: 3.5

Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 4/5T, 4/5T, 13Toddler

Gift wishlist: Stroller for babies, Socks, gloves, winter coat ( Navy), satin lined winter hat, Clicky shoes, all black high heels, pop up books

Child 4: 

Age: 7

Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 7/8T, 7/8T, 2 Kids

Gift wishlist: Switch games, Satin lined winter hat, gloves, navy winter coat, socks, Make up or chapter books 2-3 grade

Family 16

About the Family: We have been in the hospital Since August 16, 2022.  It's been incredibly exhausting and this would just be the nicest thing.  A joyous way to celebrate life and love.

Child 1: 

Age: 5 Months

Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 6M, 6M, 6M

Gift wishlist: Baby Toys, Children's Books (Textured Illistrations), Blankets & Flashcards


Gender: M

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: XXL, 38x34, 13m

Gift wishlist: xbox gift card, Turtle Beach recon controller Black, Xbox gift card


Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: L, XL, 9W

Gift wishlist: Tie Dye Crocs, Colorful Pens, Sephora Gift Card

Family 17

About the Family: Any blessing that comes to our family is welcome and it helps create a ray of sunshine.  Our family is grateful for each day we get to spend as a family and we count our blessings. 

Child 1: 

Age: 7 

Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 7/8, 7/8, 2.5Kids

Gift wishlist: Bike for girls(58lbs), Stuffed animals, Hoverboard


Gender: M

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: L, L, 11

Gift wishlist: Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card, Sport Academy Gift Card, Apple Gift Card


Gender: F

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: M, M, 9.5W

Gift wishlist: Victoria Secret lotion, Nike Workout Clothes, Bath & Body Lotion/Body Cream

Family 19

About the Family: We do not often ask for help. But this year has been great devastation and change for our family.  We would really appreciate help in bringing some joy to our children's Christmas this year. Our baby with BA who was transplanted this summer will be experiencing his first Christmas. 

Child 1: 

Age: 6

Gender: M

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 7/8, 7/8, 3

Gift wishlist: Dragon Pet Toy, Switch Game, Lego Worlds, Lego Set, Fire Dragon or Helicopter

Child 2: 

Age: 10M

Gender: M

Shirt/Pant/Shoe Size: 18M, 18M, N/A

Gift wishlist: Baby Busy Book or Activity Center, Size 18M Onesie Sleepers, Baby Bath Toys


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at