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Lend A Hand | Holiday Campaign

Holiday gifts such as toys, clothing and special needs items can cause extra strain on family budgets this time of year. During the months of November and December, the Lend A Hand: Adopt A Biliary Atresia Family Program will provide gifts to Biliary Atresia families around the United States.  Through our program, gift givers may select a family in need to "adopt" during the most magical time of the year.

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How The Program Works

  • Once families are selected to be a part of the Lend A Hand Adoption Program (applications accepted between now and Nov. 21, 2022, see below for application requirements), BARE will work with the family to determine appropriate gifts for their family based on ages, interests and needs of the family members.


  • To give, anyone can select a family that best matches how they want to give (i.e., a family may list a toy for a four year old, a gift for a teenager and a grocery store gift card for the family).

  • The gift giver completes the simple form to adopt the family (see below instructions for gift givers) and donates the appropriate amount to BARE. The giver may include messages to the family that will be presented along with their gifts.

  • Once a family reaches donations of $250, that family is removed from the list and BARE purchases and ships the gifts to the family.

  • Your gift amount is a tax deductible donation to BARE.

For Families In Need Of Gift Adoption

  • All information remains anonymous.​

  • Please click on the button below and complete the form including applicable family members, ages, and requested gifts. Please apply for a maximum total gift amount of $250 per family, understanding some gift givers may only be able to give a lesser amount.​​​

  • Forms must be received no later than November 21st to be considered.

Family Participation Application

Please submit only ONE application per family. You may include both children and adults, however, your gift selection should not exceed $250 per family. Please understand that some gift givers may only be able to give a lesser amount. Your identity will not be given to the gift giver. Publicized information will only include ages, sizes and gift selections. No names will be publicized. *Program only includes Immediate family members

Please download or print out the form below and submit to *All applications must be submitted by Nov. 21st.*

For gift selections, you may list a general item such as a skateboard, a more detailed item such as a boy's Vans skateboard with a 7.3* deck, or list a link to a specific product. We cannot
guarantee the giver wall select the exact model if you provide the link. Gifts are ultimately at the discretion of the giver. Please understand your family will not receive all of the gifts listed but this will allow the gift giver to get to know your family and make some choices. 

Gift Givers Interested in Adopting A Family 

  • As applications are submitted, participating families will be listed below. Information will include ages and interests.​

  • **All information is anonymous**

  • When the gift giver finds a family they would like to adopt, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "donate"

  • IMPORTANT: Please indicate on the donation form which family you would like to adopt (i.e. - Family A, Family B, etc.) We will then purchase the appropriate gifts and send those to the family.

  • Any gift giver can include a personal note to the family on their donation form. ​

  • For an additional $10, we can also include wrapping supplies for the family to add to the magic of the season.​

  • $250 adopts an entire family. This includes all listed items as well as gift cards to grocery or retail stores. 

  • Any donation to this program allows the giver to choose the recipient family. When donating any amount, please indicate which family you would like to adopt. You can do this by filling in the "Dedicate Your Gift" section.  All funds received for this program will go toward purchasing items for the participating families. Funds must be made directly to the Lend A Hand Program. Facebook or other fundraisers outside the program will not apply.

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